What is the group ‘No Left Turn in Education” about?

The group “No Left Turn in Education” has a goal to create a society where kids will have opportunities for wealth, not poverty. They hope to do so by instilling the principles of capitalism and the capitalist system into education.

As a result, they hope to produce an educated population that is more capable of creating success for themselves as well as those around them. This group is not affiliated with a particular political party. Their belief is that money and power will always corrupt those in positions of power and that capitalism – which this group says is the way to go – is the only way to avoid this.

The group’s stance is that all students should learn at their own pace and be encouraged to explore their interests, rather than being forced to follow rigid, traditional learning methods. No Left Turn in Education believes that this way of teaching will lead to higher student achievement and life satisfaction.


Why they created this group

If you have ever been frustrated with the left turn traffic pattern on a major street, you know how frustrating it can be to wait for a long time to get on a busy intersection. This frustration is even more heightened when you are in a hurry and want to get where you need to go as quickly as possible. This is the same type of frustration that many educators feel from daily teaching. Teachers are always feeling like they’re being slowed down by school policy and red tape. This frustration can be alleviated, says the founder of No Left Turn in Education, when teachers are given the freedom to explore their own interests and are supported by their superiors in doing so. This is what the group is advocating for.


The seven points of the No Left Turn in Education group

The group, No Left Turn in Education is an organization comprised of parents and teachers intent on preserving the quality of education. Their seven points are:

  1. Education needs to be directed towards the development of the mind.
  2. Education should be more than a means to a job.
  3. There should be a return on investment.
  4. There should be accountability for the teacher’s performance.
  5. Performances should be judged by the results.
  6. Teachers should be held accountable for the student’s performance.
  7. Teachers should be evaluated on the basis of their performance.


No Left Turn in Education’s mission

No Left Turn believes that public funds should be used to fund public schools, not for profit charter schools. They are also fighting against the Common Core curriculum because they believe it was implemented without proper input from the public and is being used to collect data about students. They are fighting for equitable funding so that all children have access to the same type of education. One of the goals of No Left Turn is to get the government to rethink its plans for school funding. They say that in order to achieve equality between schools, current funding for schools should be equalized. They are also working with educators and parents to change the current system.

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No Left Turn in Education is an organization that believes that students should not be forced into the same traditional classroom.

They want to provide schools with an opportunity for students to learn how to work in groups, create their own questions and projects, and use different teaching methods.

Their goal is to develop a curriculum in an environment where everyone’s voice is heard.

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